I love this sweater so much. The yarn–Fibre Company Knightsbridge–is so unbelievably soft and squishy and luxurious feeling. The pattern is Carrie Bostick Hodge’s Uniform. I chose the short version, with waist shaping, shaped collar (that can be folded to a bit of a shawl collar), fitted sleeves, and inset pockets. The pattern is wonderful, with so many possibilities. I’d really like to knit a longer A-line version with a bit more ease at some point in the future.

My aim was to knit a sweater that looks a bit more polished so that I can potentially wear it to the office with a skirt or nice pants and a nice blouse. I think that this sweater is so incredibly versatile that I will be wearing it constantly over the years to come. The yarn is light enough that I can wear it for three seasons in Philadelphia. As a northerner who has somewhat recently moved to a slightly tropical climate, I’m still figuring out how to dress in the warmer weather–I’m so used to piling on huge wooly sweaters that are basically obsolete here!


Can I just say: inset pockets are magic! They are my new favorite feature of a sweater. I’ve also been loving this construction–bottom up, raglan shoulder. I love knitting sleeves flat and just joining them when you get to the underarm. Sewing up that bit of underarm seam, and seaming the sleeves is so easy compared to knitting sleeves in the round and then setting them into the body of the sweater, which is how my Exeter and my Acer were constructed. The only downside is that it’s somewhat hard to figure out the proper body length for the sweater in this construction style, I find. Next time, I’ll try to do some more careful measuring. I do kind of wish I had maybe 1″ more of length on this sweater, but it is lovely as it is and will work quite well with skirts


The buttons are from Fringe Supply Co. They are so wonderful and perfect for this sweater. I’ve found it surprisingly hard to find nice buttons. Maybe I’m just too picky. But, I’ve purchased buttons from Fringe for several projects now, and I’ve always been happy with them.


The photos were taken at Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye in Scotland on our recent vacation there. Scotland is amazing and beautiful, and I’d love to go back someday to do more hiking.


A non-sewing adventure


I’m going to be taking a rather long hiatus from sewing for the next 4-6 weeks. On Monday, I’m going to start thru-hiking the 272-mile Long Trail over the Green Mountains in Vermont. I love to hike, and I’ve been dreaming of undertaking an adventure like this for a few years now. I’ll be taking my dog, Eleanor, and we hope to update our sister blog, Emily & Eleanor, along our journey. You can also follow us on Instagram. We hope you’ll consider following along with us, even though it’s not a sewing-related undertaking!