Start to finish, this sweater took me about 3 months to complete. I started this sweater while I was traveling for the holidays. I didn’t even knit a gauge swatch–yikes! I started a sleeve and figured I could always rip it out if it went badly. The yarn is Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Snowbound that I purchased at Purl Soho in New York City last fall when we visited for the New York Marathon.


I’m proud of this project because I grew a lot as a knitter. I completed cable surgery countless times after crossing my cables the wrong way (that’s what you get for not paying attention), and fully seamed all the pieces together. It was a fun knit–even if it felt a bit epic. I was definitely ready for it to be over by the time I finished!


I recognize that a sweater with this much ease is not the most flattering. It has about 7″ of ease on me. I think I’ll wear this open most of the time, but the buttons are handmade wooden buttons from Etsy.  I’ll mostly be wearing this sweater on the weekends around the house or for walking the dog.


The one issue I had was with the collar. It does not lay perfectly flat. For some reason, one side of the shawl collar was quite a bit longer than the other side. When I seamed the collar to the neckline, things were a bit janky, but it works. If I were a better knitter, I’d probably have ripped out the collar and re-knit. Ah, well. A great pattern, and overall, a fun knit!


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