Yellow Benedetta & Liberty Print Josephine


I finally got around to photographing this sweater, which I think I finished back in August. Truthfully, I haven’t worn it too much. It was intended as a springtime sweater, and I do think that’s when I’ll get the most use out of it. The pattern is Carrie Bostick Hoge’s Benedetta. The yarn is Finch in Carrie’s Yellow by Quince & Co. I loved knitting with this yarn. It is so very springy and lovely to handle. I am happy with the fit, except that I do wish I had added one or two more buttonholes. The bottom button pulls a tiny bit, and if there were another button or two, that wouldn’t be an issue. 


I made up a Josephine top in a Liberty print from Spring 2014 to go with the sweater (I noticed that J.Crew had a top out of the same print for sale earlier this year). I realized that I forgot to snap a picture without the sweater on, but it’s very similar to my prior Josephine (except that I cut the correct size and have all six pleats across the front). I like to have a collection of woven tops for layering. I especially like that I can dress them up with skirts for work or throw them on with jeans on the weekend.


2 thoughts on “Yellow Benedetta & Liberty Print Josephine

  1. I love your sweater! I’ve crocheted for quite some time and just recently have begun learning to knit. I never thought I’d make more than hats and scarves, but you’re inspiring me to give sweaters a try!

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