Green Lady Skater


Sometime earlier this winter, I had a fight with my serger and pitched her to the back of the closet. I dug her out again to make up a quick Plaintain tee at some point early this spring, and she performed very well, which gave me some confidence to work with knits again. I can always use a simple, easy-to-wear dress, and I thought the Lady Skater fit the bill. I had this fabric purchased from Emma One Sock at some point about five years ago. I don’t have much exciting to say about this project–you know, it’s a knit dress. It took me maybe 3 hours to construct. I’m pretty happy with it. I did use a new-to-me notion: wash-away wonder tape. I used it to secure the hem, and it worked really great to keep the knit stable for me to use my sewing machine, set up with a twin needle, to make a neat hem. A great pattern for a quick and versatile knit dress!



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