Wiksten trifecta


How is it already May 20? I can’t believe how quickly this spring has whooshed past. So many things–we moved in the middle of a localized flood, we immediately hosted 4 guests for the weekend, and I started running again (to get rid of those pesky winter pounds I managed to gain). Also: I HAVE MY VERY OWN SEWING ROOM. For the first time ever, I have a room where I can keep my machines set up all the time, spread my pattern pieces all over the floor, and keep my projects strewn about. The best thing is having a door I can close on this mess. Seriously, I’ve only been set up in this room for about a week and a half, and it already looks like a tornado of tissue paper and fabric scraps projectile vomited all over the room! Once I get things organized a bit more, I’ll share a photo.


I actually made up this Wiksten Tova before we moved to our new, awesome place. I made it as a test to see how I liked the pattern. The fabric is some very sheer cotton/silk voile, I think, purchased at Mood circa 2008-ish? It’s pretty and floaty. I ultimately decided that the size I cut this time around was a bit large, so I’m glad I didn’t cut into some precious yardage for this version.



Confident that I would like the pattern with a few tweaks, I cut into some precious Liberty of London cotton lawn that I’ve been hoarding since our first trip to London in August, 2009. I bought two pieces of Liberty cotton on that trip and have been too afraid to cut into their beauty ever since. Honestly, though, this stuff is so amazing to work with, I don’t know why I ever sew with anything else. (Oh yeah, maybe because it’s about $35/yard.)


I made a few modifications based on my first version: cut one whole size smaller, added a little waist shaping to the side seams, took about 1″ off the hem and took a deeper hem at 1.5.” I think this will be a great little blouse to tuck into a pencil skirt or to wear more casually with skinny jeans and ballet flats, or under a cardigan sweater this fall.


Finally, feeling confident about the Wiksten loveliness, I went ahead and made this little tank from this super lightweight cotton/silk voile blend, also from my stash circa 2010, if I had to guess. If I were awesome I probably would’ve double-layered the front piece–it’s a little sheer to comfortably wear without a camisole underneath. The fabric was so sheer, binding the neckline and armholes was a real pain in the butt. It doesn’t look super flattering in this picture, but it works well layered under a cardigan (the one in the first picture above is from Boden, purchased years ago and dug out of the depths of my closet, since I finally have something to wear with it). I think that I’ll be making more of these little woven tanks with a few little tweaks next time around.

Happy spring!




One thought on “Wiksten trifecta

  1. Congratulations on your move & sewing room! I know what you mean about holding on to precious Liberty fabric – but your blouse looks fantastic. I’m sure you’ll get lots of wear out of it.

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