Stockholm Syndrome & Aggressive Spring Sewing Plans

IMG_5530So, we’re moving again. I think, in fact, that I have Stockholm Syndrome towards moving at this point–I irrationally get excited about the possibilities despite the horribleness that inevitably ensues. A new apartment/house! New decorating projects! A new neighborhood with TREES and PARKS! Nevermind those pesky parts of moving, involving THE SEARCH FOR THE PERFECT APARTMENT (which, let’s face it, is never without a whole lot of emotional drama), never-ending packing, stacking boxes, running up and down stairs and across the street to a moving truck 200 times, all the scrapes and bruises from all the above, making sure our pets aren’t completely freaked out by all the above (which usually involves slipping our cat a bit of a sedative to knock him out for a few hours, poor little guy), and then THEN comes all of the phases of unpacking and organizing. Yikes. Hey, on the bright side, this time around, we actually didn’t unpack several boxes, so I won’t have to repack that stuff!

This is relevant to here because I’ve been trying very hard to decrease the amount of fabric I have stashed in the back of our closet since we moved last fall. Before we left Vermont, I actually got rid of a huge amount of fabric. I gave some away via Craigslist, and I sold some of my better pieces on ebay. After dragging boxes of fabric from Cambridge to Vermont and now to Philly, I’ve developed a love-hate relationship with my fabric stash. I love buying fabric I love, imagining possible garments I’ll make. I love having fabrics on hand so when I get the urge to sew, it’s all ready for me to go. But, I hate feeling trapped by my stash–like I can’t sew something if I don’t use fabric I already have. Taste and style changes, though, so what I have in my stash at any given moment may or may not appeal to me when I actually get around to sewing with it. Which is why I feel so ashamed to admit that I purchased 6 (!!!) new cuts of fabric on a recent trip to Chicago. Folks, don’t visit Vogue Fabrics in the Chicago area if you don’t want to walk out with a huge amount of fabric. Those 6 new cuts are in ADDITION to the stack of fabric above, which I pulled out of my already existing stash to plan some spring makes. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Stockholm Syndrome, I tell you. I’ve apparently developed a fondness for lugging huge boxes of fabric around with me.

So, in an effort to motivate myself to use all of these lovelies, I present my overly aggressive list of spring sewing plans. I think the only possible saving grace is that I tend to prefer easy styles which tend to take less time to make.



1 – a knit Lady Skater / 2 – a chambray shirtdress from Lisette’s Simplicity 2246


3 – a Liberty of London shirtdress from Lisette’s Simplicity 2246 / 4 – a silk dress from the Rebecca Taylor Vogue 1344


5 – a red linen (on the left) Colette Laurel

Woven Blouses


1 – Liberty of London Tova (or Archer?) / 2 & 3 – a pair of Cotton Voile Daturas


4 – Cotton Voile (I’m not sure yet) / 5 – Silk print (hmmmmmmm)


6 – Cotton Voile (I don’t know) / 7 – Silk print Weekend Getaway blouse



1 – cotton sateen pencil skirt / 2 – chambray Everyday Skirt



1 – black ikat Salme Cropped Blazer / 2 – navy sateen (on the right) Salme Cropped Blazer (much darker in real life)



1 – navy sateen (on the right) Colette Clover (or similar flat front ankle pants)

You guys. If you’re keeping count, that’s 17 garments. (!!!) Did I mention that I am planning to be hiking for an entire month of this summer? Oh yeah, and we’re moving. So there’s that. Yikes. Our house may never be in order.


3 thoughts on “Stockholm Syndrome & Aggressive Spring Sewing Plans

  1. You’ve got some great fabrics there, that ikat is delicious, it will make a fab blazer. I love thinking of new apartments, but the trauma and drama can get a bit much! Hope your hunt goes smoothly.

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