Sherlock Tweeds & a Grey Rosebud


This fall, I went through a Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock watching binge that had me dreaming of tweed vests and jackets and all manner of classic British styles. I think I have the urge every fall to wear tweed and drink tea. Really, my obsession with woolens and tea is a year-round one, but it’s just not practical on those 90 degree humid summer days we have here in the mid-Atlantic (and the Brits are nothing if not practical)! Plus, there’s the side-eye I get from Philadelphians on the street that sometimes deters me from wearing proper clothing like waistcoats or blazers instead of apple bottom jeans (jeans) boots with the fur (fur). Just kidding. Sort of. #iliveonthenewjerseysideofphilly

I made these items back in September/October, so my memory is fuzzy, and this post is a bit more “I made this” than a helpful review of these patterns. Anyway, while opening a random box I pitched in the back of the closet instead of actually unpacking when we moved back in August, I found this skirt, which I had cut out probably 2 years prior and then never actually made. The pattern is an out-of-print Vogue. I like the skirt a lot, but these pictures don’t make it look uber-flattering, so I’m re-thinking it. But, it has pockets and a wearable a-line shape that makes it comfortable and classic. I added a lining.


I also had enough fabric to make a vest. It’s a super soft wool that I got on sale from Fabric Mart, I think. The vest is also lined, and I used some charcoal grey for the visible lining back that has a subtle stripe running through it. It’s so subtle, you can’t even see it in this photo. Sadly, the welts in front are merely decorative. The vest is finished with a buckle in the back and buttons from Fleishman’s on 5th Street here in Philly. I actually think these pieces work best alone rather than together, so I have mostly worn them as separates.


The hat is Rosebud by Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed. I have this nasty acrylic floppy thing that I bought at REI or something once. I wanted to replace it with something a bit more sophisticated and made from a nicer fiber (that won’t pill and shed and generally look crummy like my other hat). The yarn is Quince and Co. Osprey, which is a true aran weight yarn. Based on Ravelry notes, I made the smaller size of the hat–the Osprey doesn’t have quite as much drape as if I had used something like Shelter, as the pattern calls for. I really like this hat–the garter stitch is simple and effective, and the bulky cable is great. The yarn is not the softest ever, but it feels sturdy and warm. It blocks the wind like a champ. At some point, I may make a lighter, slouchier version of this, but this little beanie-style has been a nice winter addition to my hat wardrobe. A few more details over on Ravelry.


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