Moroccon Print Josephine & Ivory Guernsey Triangle

Josephine & Triangle

I really ought to post more often. I have a backlog of items I have produced since last fall. Honestly, it’s because photographing is such a pain. First of all, it means I have to actually put clothes other than my LL.Bean hunting dog print flannel pajama pants and their matching (not really, actually) LL. Bean plaid flannel shirt (the horrors!). Second, it means someone besides my dog Eleanor (who is smart but surprisingly not smart enough to work a camera) has to be home at the same time I am. Third, it means all of those things have to happen when it’s light outside. And, finally, it can’t be bloody cold outside so that I don’t have to stand shivering like a weirdo on the street in our ‘hood, where there are frequently bus-loads of tourists stopping by to check out the “oldest street in America” (which, as someone who lived in New England from 2001-2013 truly can’t believe that such a street exists outside of New England). But, you know, sometimes, the stars align, I decide to move large pieces of furniture around, take down pictures from the wall, and enlist Nico to take a bunch of awkward photos inside our apartment after he got back from a 13 mile run in the snowstorm (yeah, sometimes I feel guilty about the fact that he goes on epic runs while I mostly sit on the couch watching West Wing re-runs, but then I realize that I’m only human, and oh hey, I have a new shirt, so that’s cool).


Anyway. I made this shirt. It’s from Made by Rae’s new Josephine pattern. Despite the fact that this thing should’ve taken me like 3 hours to put together, it took me like a full week of false-starts because I don’t follow instructions, and sometimes I make stupid mistakes. Mistake 1: missing the fact that the smallest size on the pattern is an XS and therefore cutting out the wrong size (instead of cutting out a small/medium, I ended up cutting out an extra-small/small). Because of this mistake, I had to take out two of the six pleats down the front to increase the size juuuust big enough so I could actually move my arms. Mistake 2: while I was trimming the seam allowances on the side seam to finish in a french seam, I cut into the body of the fabric. Because of this mistake, I had to take out another two of the six pleats down the front, since I had to take a slightly larger seam allowance to cover the fact that I CUT A HOLE IN THE SHIRT. Mistake 3: making this a longer-tunic/mini-dress length, with the hope of being able to wear it with leggings and boots (and a skinny belt), only to discover that I don’t really feel comfortable wearing things that barely cover my a$$ with pants that are basically glorified tights. I wore it this way one day last week and then TORE A HOLE IN IT at one point when I yanked it down to cover my a$$. Seriously. So, I gave it a few days, then chopped off a couple of inches and re-hemmed it to this length, to wear with jeans (and maybe a belt too).


Despite all of these stupid mistakes, I actually like this top a lot. I think it’s mostly because I really love the fabric, which I probably bought back in like 2007. It’s a super thin silk/cotton blend. Sometimes, when I have fabric that I adore like this, it paralyzes me. I finally decided to just make something simple with it, and I’m glad I did. It will be a great layering piece–tucked into a pencil skirt with a jacket or a sweater, or worn with jeans and boots with a jacket or sweater. Despite the fact that all I seem to be wearing these days is pajama pants and flannel shirts, I quite like woven tops, and I’m happy to add this one to my wardrobe.


I loooove my Guernsey Triangle. It’s so, so soft! And, when I finished it, I felt so accomplished: I tackled a charted pattern, smaller needles, a larger project, holding two yarns together, the kitchener stitch, and blocking wires! Being a beginner is so exciting and satisfying–with each project, I learn a whole new army of techniques. I just ignore the part where I actually bought this yarn to make a cowl, but then had to scrap that plan when I realized I had twisted my stitches, making a sort of Mobius circle instead of a normal cowl. I didn’t really like how it was coming out anyway, so I just ditched that project and used the yarn for this project instead.


It’s kind of a weird project, a neck-kerchief, but somewhere browsing on Ravelry I saw some triangular shaped stuff and really got into the idea of a knitted bandana. It sounds weird to me even now, but I really like it. It is a little quirky, but also classic, and most importantly, epically soft! I held Manos del Uruguay’s Fino together with some Silk Cloud, which gives it a delightful haze and softness. As a bonus, I have enough of both yarns to make a delicate little hat, which I’m pretty excited about. More details on Ravelry.


3 thoughts on “Moroccon Print Josephine & Ivory Guernsey Triangle

  1. I know! Tights, right? Leggings, tights, it’s all the same thing and they rarely look as good as we hope. Skinny jeans however, now they rock. I love your new top, even with the drama and “mistakes” and cool neckerchief.

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