A Pair of Snowstorm Hats

Nico's hat Emily's hat

This winter has been the perfect winter to learn how to knit. Philadelphia has had several snowstorms, which have left us “stranded” in our apartment. Of course, for the two of us who moved here from Vermont, we find it a little ridiculous when the entire city shuts down for 5″ of snow. But, hey, I’m not complaining–no one knows how to drive in the snow anyway! Plus, it has given me ample time to knit.

Nico's hat side

Nico apparently has a larger-than-average size head. He has quite a difficult time trying to find hats that fit him. So, first up on my knitting list was a hat for Nico. We talked about colors, and I had him choose from a few patterns. With Nico’s help, I ended up choosing the free Barley pattern from the Tin Can Knits Simple Collection, which is a wonderful pattern. It is sized for everyone–babies and adults. I made Nico the adult large.

Nico's hat flat

For yarn, I selected the Fibre Company’s terra in the blue spruce colorway. Nico has two orange jackets, so we thought dark green would coordinate well. I fell in love with the flecks of silk woven into the yarn. I thought such a simple hat pattern could handle a more interesting yarn. Nico says he loves his hat! Details on Ravelry.

Emily's hat

For myself, I fell in love with the Fibre Company’s Tundra yarn. It is so softy and cushy and just wonderful. I picked up the frost colorway, and it knit up beautifully with very subtle variations. It’s somewhere between icy blue and light grey. I’m totally in love with their “weird neutrals” as the yarn shop owner put it.

Emily's hat top

I selected the Gwyneth pattern, which gave me an opportunity to work on cabling. Cabling is really very easy, though it looks super impressive when you’re finished. I especially love how the pattern connects the cables at the top of the hat. It’s a great design.

Emily's hat side

I knit the ribbing at the bottom on needles that were 2 sizes down from the pattern’s recommendations after reading some pattern feedback on Ravelry. I’m glad I did, though when I finished the hat and put it on, I was initially a little concerned, as the hat was tiny and quite snug. But, I stretched it out a bit with blocking, and after a couple of wears, the hat continued to bloom. It has been the perfect, super warm and cozy hat for all of our snow days! Details on Ravelry.


2 thoughts on “A Pair of Snowstorm Hats

    • I love Fibre Company yarn, though it is pricey! I got it at Hidden River Yarns on Main St. in Manayunk, which is my new fav yarn shop in Philly. Loop is also a beautiful store (and so, so friendly), but Hidden River carries all Fibre Company yarn and the entire line of Quince and Co. yarns, which I’ve also been loving.

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