Flowers & Stripes


To be honest, this outfit is nothing special–a basic pencil skirt and a basic knit shirt. And yet, I’ve been thinking about making both since I pinned this photo about two years ago. The skirt probably took me a couple of hours to construct, as did the shirt. And yet, I’m quite happy with them both. Apparently the homeless people of Philadelphia liked this outfit too because I got cat-called twice while walking to work this morning (“nice legs, baby!”). Never a dull moment in the city!

The skirt is New Look 6107, which has  become my go-to for an easy pencil. I made a few changes: since the print (from Anna Maria Horner’s Loulouthi collection) was so lovely, I omitted the center back seam and moved the invisible zip to the left side so I didn’t have to split the print. I also added a full lining from a piece of black silk I had leftover from another project. Nothing like a silk lining to add a little luxe to a simple cotton skirt!


The knit shirt is made from Sewaholic’s Renfrew pattern–amaze-bomb! I whipped this little guy up so fast, it made me wonder why I’ll ever need to buy a knit top again (and then I made another version an hour later because you can never have too many knit tops, right?). I used a lusciously silky soft bamboo knit from Michael Levine. Seriously, one of these days, I’m going to make an entire wardrobe from this knit. I cut the neck band on the bias, which is a nice little detail.

I seriously have a hue backlog of sewing projects to blog about. So, get excited, everyone! Now, if only I can manage to photograph them . . .


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